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This page is for general announcements, keep checking this one as any information that I have will appear here first.

Price Increase

Price Increase. As of 21 March 2019, there will be a price increase for all new customers that come directly to me and via BSM. Others remain unchanged at the moment.

The reason for the price increase is BSM are increasing the cost of their franchise to me and as such they have told us to increase prices to cover the cost.

All customers that have come directly to me and have started lessons before the 21st March 2019, their pricing will remain unchanged. BSM customers that are prepaid will be changing to the new pricing structure from that date on all new top ups to thier BSM accoubt.

Password for the Pupil Area

The Password to the Pupil areas has been changed as of 11/03/2019. Please text me for the latest password or ask me at the next lesson.

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