Before each lesson

Be symptom-free
YOU MUST Confirm with your instructor that you are symptom-free ahead of the lesson via text message (The instructor will send a text message on the morning of your lesson). By receiving the text message will also confirm that the instructor is symptom-free of COVID-19.

A failure to reply to my text message will result in the lesson being cancelled.

If the pupil or the instructor shows signs of COVID-19 like symptoms developing during the lesson, the instructor will terminate the lesson.

Wash your hands
Before leaving your home, you must wash your hands. You will still be expected to use either the instructor’s antibacterial spray on your hands. If you prefer to use your own, that’s ok. After the lesson, please make sure that when you get in to wash your hands.

Wear a face mask (covering)
During the lesson, you must wear a face covering or mask properly to cover both the nose and mouth.

Wear suitable clothing
Please make sure that you wear suitable clothing that covers as much as possible.

Scan My QR Code
I will have a QR code for test and trace; please download the Official NHS APP. Should you not want or be able to use the test and trace app and scan the QR code, I will make a manual record. Should I be contacted via NHS test and trace, I will have to give them all the details about who has been in the car.

Additional guidance

Symptom free self-declaration

You must not undertake a driving lesson if you fall into any of these categories:

  • You or someone you live with has coronavirus symptoms. Check the GOV.UK COVID symptoms list beforehand.
  • You’ve been told by the NHS Test and Trace service that you’ve been in contact with a person who has coronavirus
  • You have entered or returned to the UK in the last 14 days, except in minimal situations, which you can find in the government’s travel exemptions. You can find out more information on the GOV.UK COVID-19 border rules.

Face coverings

Pupils and instructors must bring and wear a face-covering during driving lessons. Because of the nature of the COVID-19virus, the pupil and the instructor will wear a face covering with no exemptions. I hope you understand this, but I need to minimise the risk during the lesson as much as possible.

There is a possibility of glasses/eye protection fogging up. Where issues arise with this in lessons, ensure you safely resolve the problem.


For the health and safety of pupils and the instructor. The instructor will comply with all COVID-19 regulations and take a lateral flow test twice per week and, should the test provide a positive result, will cancel all lessons from that time until the pupil or the instructor can take a PCR test. As with the covid guidance will then have to isolate for 10 days.

Latest Government Advice

Please read this. It relates to car tests and covid tests. Please Read Me

The use of lateral flow tests is not compulsory, but I would like all pupils to do them twice per week. I will also take a lateral flow test twice per week. Let’s all do our bit to help keep each other safer from the threat of COVID.

Lateral flow tests are free, and you can get them Here 

If you or I test positive, then a lesson or Driving test must not go ahead.

Please keep checking this page for additional guidance

Page Updated 22/04/21