On The First Lesson

On your first lesson i will need to see your provisional driving licence (it should be registered at your current address).
I will need to see the Credit/Debit card that the initial payment was made on.

I will need a share driving licence information code that can be got by clicking on this LINK this is because there is no longer the need for the counterpart, but i will still need to check the validity of the licence.

I will also need to check your eye sight, i will get you to read a number plate at 20meters, Information can be found on the direct gov site LINK



After the First Lesson

we will discuss and book you in for the next available date the is ok for you.


All further payments must be made direct to me, not via Drive Dynamics Office, i will accept Cash or Credit/Debit card (Chip and Pin) (all transacions for card are suject to a 2.75% transaction charge, Cash is no charge)