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It’s important not to ‘scare-monger’ or panic, but it’s equally important to take precautions. if you are showing signs of a cold, then please cancel your lesson by at latest 8 am (7 am for early lessons) on the day of your lesson. Failure to do this will result in me turning up and if you are found to be unwell then you will be charged for the lesson.

If you are in self-isolation then please let me know as soon as possible as the lesson will not go ahead.

There will be no charge for 2 cancellations due to cold or flu, subsequent cancellations will be charged at the current rate.

The car itself between lessons will have the main parts of the car wiped over (steering wheel, gear lever, indicators, door handles) as we all need to do our bit for the current situation with the coronavirus

Most household cleaning products will probably kill any virus but no one can guarantee this as tests have not been done on the latest strain of this virus.

Regarding driving tests during this time, I will keep the page updated as best as possible. The latest information is this
if I find any more info I will post it here

Example product info :

WHO info and mythbuster:

Government information:

Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions then ask me next time you see me or call/text me (pupils only). if you are unwell also seek medical advice from your GP or call 111

19/3/2020 I have received an email regarding driving tests for 19/03/2020 and 20/03/2020, tests on those 2 days are all cancelled at all test centres. here is a link to the email that I received
I will be speaking to anyone with a test booked on those days

20/03/2020 Theory test that you have will be cancelled for the next 4 weeks, please read the email that I received.

20/03/2020 Driving tests are all cancelled for the next 3 months. Please read this
the best advice I will give is to rebook now for the end of June and July and hope that things improve.

It is with deep regret that I feel compelled for the safety of pupils, myself and our families, to suspend in-car tuition, until the end of April. I will then review this weekly alongside government recommendations and keep you updated via texts, emails and Facebook. Of course, it goes without saying that you can contact me on 07553 10 11 10 or email, for any advice on your driving, theory test (currently suspended until 20th April) and practical driving test (currently suspended until 21st June). Any further information from the DVSA will be posted on Facebook, and via texts and emails. I can only apologise for the inconvenience caused, but hopefully, we will come through the COVID19 pandemic safely. I appreciate your understanding in these unprecedented circumstances and look forward to seeing everyone in May.

Theory tests put back again to earliest 8th May Link Here

Link Here

As of yet we still haven’t been told when to restart driving lessons and the way that they should be conducted to try to apply social distancing, I am currently keeping up with what is happening on the ADINJC website and also DVSA as soon as I know I will let all my pupils know. Until then stay safe and see you all in the not so distant future.

Page Updated 07/05/2020