Manual Lesson Prices

Learner Lessons, £31.00 per hour (Standard Price)

Special Offer £56.00 For a 2 Hour Lessons*

This offer is for 2hour driving lessons until your practical driving test. Offer valid to new pupils only *T&C apply 

The use of my car for driving tests is dependent on where the test centre is. For a local test, you will be charged at a rate of 2.5 times the hourly rate. The further the location of the practical driving test, the price will increase.

Full licence holder and motorway lessons will be charged at £39.00 per hour.

Pass plus will be charged at £185.00 for the 6-hour course.

Pricing for other services is available on request.

Special offers are not just startup offers. Special offers are in place until you pass your driving test or a period of 1 year has passed since the start of tuition, or you stop tuition for more than three weeks without notice.