This page is for new pupils to Learn To Drive With David

Please use the links bellow and follow all the links of the things to do before the first lesson. The links will open in a new tab.

1 Read the terms and conditions LINK

2 Read the before a lesson LINK

3 Fill in the share driver information code LINK

4 Sign up for DRIVER ACTIVE please text me for a free coupon code that gives you 90 days access on 07553 10 11 10

5 Using Driver active learn about cockpit drill and controls and move and stop and turn left and right.

On the day of the lesson

Please make sure that you have sent me the share driver licence information form (this can also be done on the lesson as well and you will need your National insurance number to do the check)

An eyesight test will be done by reading a car number plate at 20 meters (minimum) with or without eyesight correction

Driving licence check make sure that you have your driving licence with you

Pay for the balance for the Lesson