Privacy Statement

Throughout this document, David Browne will be referred to as Learn To Drive With David

Types of data that is collected by Learn To Drive With David

Type 1 (Data held Indefinitely, for accountancy reasons)
Payments Received

Type 2 (Data held for a maximum of 6 months after the last lesson)
Email Address
Phone Numbers
Driving Licence Number
Text Messages
Pupil progress record

Type 3 (Data held for 48hrs maximum unless needed for insurance claim)
External Dash Cam Footage (For insurance purpose only)

Type 4 (Details NEVER Stored By Learn To Drive With David)
Bank details
Credit Card Information

Data will never be shared, disclosed or sold to a third party unless it is regarding unlawful acts or for insurance purposes. If a pupil requires at any time to see the data held or requests that the data be deleted, then Learn To Drive With David will comply within 7 Working days with the request. If pupil data is deleted by the request of the pupil, then for purpose of accountancy, a receipt for the lessons taken will then be generated and that pupil data will be deleted

All data will be Secure and complies with GDPR.

Data that is collected by a third party, will have shared responsibility between the third party and Learn To Drive With David.

Learn To Drive With David will accept no responsibility for the third party in the way that they use or handle data.

From time to time it may be necessary to update this Privacy Statement. Please keep a check on this statement, the only one that is correct is the one on (Last updated 25/15/2019)