Learn to Drive with David is the trading name of David Browne,

It is the responsibility of the pupil to make sure that they have a valid licence to drive the tuition vehicle. If during the time that they are receiving driving lessons must inform the instructor, as soon as possible, if you receive any endorsements on their licence are disqualified from driving whilst receiving driving tuition.

Your entitlement to drive (UK Provisional/Full Driving Licence and Share Driver Information) and your eyesight will be checked on the first lesson. You must be able to read a car registration plate at a minimum of 20.5 meters old-style number plate or 20m for the new style. If it is found that your eyesight is not to the standard for driving or your driving licence is invalid, then you may be charged for the lesson at the full hourly rate and the lesson terminated or the lesson may continue as a theory-based lesson.

Price list (Existing Pupils) and Special Offers (New Pupils)

Standard Lesson price is £27.00 per hour, a lesson is regarded as 1Hr in duration

New Pupil Offers

Special Offers are open to all new pupils to Learn to Drive with David and will become valid on their first lesson, who has not been outsourced by another driving school (if you have been outsourced by another driving school then the outsourcing driving schools terms and conditions shall apply) also providing that no practical test is booked and who has a provisional UK driving licence. If a pupil has a practical test booked, then no starter offers will apply. A pupil who has a practical test booked will require a minimum of 6 hours of tuition before the practical test. All other offers and pricing shall apply.

5 Hours Starter offer. The offer will be charged at £115.00 and consist of 5 lessons of 1hr in duration, No other offers or promotions will apply

Start 6 is for 6 Hours of Prepaid Lessons. The lessons will be 3 lessons of 2 hours in duration with a cost of £116.00. No other offers or promotions will apply

Start 10 Hours of prepaid lessons, this offer is for 5 lessons of 2 hours in duration with a cost of £200.00. No other offers or promotions will apply

Special Offers are for new pupils only from 21st January 2020 (version 1.19), special offers promotions will remain in force to such a time that the promotion is removed. Special offers and promotion can be removed without notice. The promotion will remain in force for the pupil who starts on these terms and conditions until the time of their first practical test.

Existing Pupil Offers

2 Hour Lesson
Taken as one 2-hour lesson is charged at £50.00

6 Hours of lessons
Taken as 3 lessons with a lesson duration of 2 hours and costs £145.00

10 Hours of lessons
Taken as 5 lessons with a lesson duration of 2 hours and costs £240.00

Driving Tests
Pupils may book their own driving test but only with the consent of the instructor, if they wish the instructor to book tests, either practical or theory tests, then full payment for the test is to be paid to the instructor before the booking is made at the current DVSA price.
If you wish to use of the vehicle for the practical driving test, you must pay in advance of the practical test date for the hire of the car at the current rate of a minimum of 2.5 times the Standard Hourly Rate, this covers the time for getting to the test centre and the time the vehicle is on the test. The instructor also reserves the right to withhold the use of the tuition vehicle for use on the test, if the instructor believes that the pupil is not ready for the test and maybe a danger to their self or others. The instructor will give a reasonable amount of time so that no monies are lost by the pupil due to withholding the car or for cancellation of their driving test. Any tests that are cancelled by the DVSA the instructor cannot be held responsible for but will advise accordingly. Also, will collect you in a reasonable time to travel to the test centre but cannot be held responsible for lateness to the test centre due to traffic or weather conditions.

Intensive courses
Intensive courses are charged at the full Hourly rate and subject to availability, they are usually taken as 1 or 2-week course. The cost of Theory and Practical tests may also be added to the cost of the course.
Recommended Hours
Beginner-: No previous experience 40+hrs
Novice:- Had a few lessons 30+hr
Competent: -generally covered all the syllabus 20+hrs
Test standard: -Failed a test or considered as test-ready 6+hrs
(The amount of hours needed is also depending on how quickly you learn and is intended as a guide only).
Intensive courses will require a 30% deposit and all test fees paid in advance of acceptance to the course, with the full amount payable on the commencement of the course.
14-day cancellation policy on intensive courses. If you cancel the course within the 14 days of the start of the course, then your deposit is forfeited. Outside of the 14 days then a full refund will be given, minus any test fees that have already been paid out.

Full Licence Holder Lessons.
Pupils who have a Full Licence and not a provisional licence will be charged at £31.00 per hour for refresher lessons, motorway lessons etc No offers or promotions will apply to FULL Licence holders.

Outsourced Pupils
If a pupil that has been outsourced by another driving school to Learn to Drive with David, then the outsourcing company’s terms and conditions and pricing will apply, and the privacy policy will have shared responsibilities. A copy of the outsourcing driving school’s terms and conditions will be available on the outsourcing driving school’s website or will be supplied to you in the first lesson.

Cancellations and Termination
A pupil may cancel a lesson or change the date of the lesson by giving a minimum of 48hrs notice at no charge. Otherwise, the lesson will be charged at a standard rate of £20.00 on the second occasion and thereafter. Similarly, if the instructor cancels on the second occasion with less than 48hrs on the notice, then the instructor will rearrange the lesson at a time that suits the both instructor and the pupil and give a £20.00 deduction on the cost of the next lesson, but if the cancellation by the instructor is for mechanical breakdown of vehicle, Theft of vehicle, Accident in-vehicle, extreme bad weather or force majeure then the lesson will be rearranged at no cost to the instructor.

The instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson at short notice if it is suspected that the pupil may be unfit to drive due to the effects of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other condition that would cause his/her driving to be illegal and will be charged for the lesson.

Links to any external website, I have no control of the content and take no responsibility for their content or the suitability of the website. However, the website will be checked at regular intervals for the suitability and their content is suitable for learner drivers (16+). Any found not suitable or reported to me will be removed ASAP (24hrs). Access to Theory Test Pro may be removed without warning at any time.

If a pupil fails to contact the instructor for 14 days after a lesson (Unless previously agreed with the instructor) then the pupil will be deemed to have ceased their driving tuition or the pupil wishes to cease tuition at the pupils request then all offers will cease.
Any monies that are owed to you by the instructor will be returned to you, where an offer is in place, then the standard hourly rate of £27.00 per hour will be charged for hours already taken under the offer,  an admin fee of £10.00 will also be charged. The remaining monies will be returned to you by the method of payment.

Your rights as a consumer
These Terms and Conditions are stated to avoid misunderstanding and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer and are Based on the ADI code of practice.

last updated 21/01/2020 (Version 1.19)